I received my MFA in Textiles from UMASS Dartmouth in 2004 and started my business adding signature printed images to items soon after. 

I was on a road trip when I saw a sign for a construction company with a picture of a dump truck on it. As I got closer, I noticed a small horse on the corner of the sign. I found the quirky combination of information funny. The misplaced creature inspired me to create similar juxtapositions with my own collection of goods.



I began by printing on vintage bags and wallets as I love thrift shopping and seeing the potential in the overlooked.  I had done a lot of screen printing in graduate school but had never seen printed leather goods.  I began experimenting.  My early prints were terrible.  Sheep and trees were indistinguishable blobs, but slowly I got better.  I also worked with a chemist to develop a special ink that is durable on the leather and can withstand heavy use. My line grew- people seemed to like what I was making.  In order to keep up with the demand I began designing new pieces and having them made for me- from scrap leather when possible.  I also added a few vegan offerings.  I still print each piece myself in my studio in New Bedford.  I hope that you have fun designing your own creation, and that it makes you smile when you pull out your wallet or bag. 


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